A collection of my favourite old school BMX videos…

Team Haro Freestyle, 1988/89

Re-released in digital by

Evolution/Revelation, BMX Freestyle History 1987/89

Featuring the Bob Haro, Mat Hoffman, Brian Blyther, Dave Voelker, Eddie Fiola, Dino Deluca, Martin Aparijo, Brian Scura, Ron Wilkerson, Dennis McCoy, Brett Hernandez, Ruben Castillo, Rick Moliterno, Dave Nourie, Joe Grutttola, Joe Johnson, Mike Dominguez, RL Osborn.
Remastered footage from the GT Demo Tape, Haro Freestyle video and archive footage by

Australian BMX Freestyle Team, 1987

AFT – The Australian Freestyle Team are a Corner stone of BMX history in Australia. If you went to the Easter Show in the 80’s the AFT were there. This video was made in 1987 with some cool 80’s music.