A special custom P.K. build I put together for my husband James. In eye popping Chevy orange powder coat by Roberto’s Custom Powder, this build is a true old school/new school hybrid.

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7356

Only 7 years old but rockin’ those famous inverted commas this light and long take on the SE Racing classic certainly not without old school cred! Absolutely beautiful to ride too, feather light and beautifully balanced this machine practically rides itself! Perfect choice for a chilled Brisbane river-side cruise on a sunny weekend.



Frame: 2007 PK Ripper Team edition, 6061 aircraft grade aluminium, in Chevy orange powder coat
Forks: 2007 Landing Gear, chromoly, in Chevy orange powder coat
Headset: FSA
Stem: SE Racing
Bars: Torker mid ’90s knee-savers
Grips: SNAFU Simmple Grips, white
Seat: MacNeil padded pivotal, white
Seatpost: Crupi pivotal, 27.2mm, polished
Wheelset: Skyway Tuff II, sealed bearing, white
Freewheel: ACS Crossfire 16t
Tyres: Odyssey Chase Hawk, 2.2″
Brake Lever: Odyssey Monolever
V Brake: Odyssey Slic Kable
Brake Cable: C-Star V-Brake,
Power Disc: Tioga 110/130BCD, Polished
Chainring: Sugino 110BCD 44T, polished
Cranks/BB: AC ProSpeed, powdered white
Chain: YBN MK918 Half Link, nickel 
Pedals: Fly Bikes Ruben, graphite, white



Originally ball-burnished, this was the basic build I threw together when I picked up the frame/forks and cranks back in 2012…



Putting together a custom decal set is often the first thing on any of my build lists. The PK was no exception. Silver foil and black on clear with a little sum’n special thrown in just for James…


2007 PK Ripper Team Custom Decal Set by LixBMX

Stripped down ready for refinishing…

2007 PK Ripper Team Custom Orange Build by LixBMX - before pic

PK Parts disassembled ready for stripping and de-anodising…

2007 PK Ripper original Parts by LixBMX

Stripped and de-anodised…

2007 PK Ripper Team Custom Build Parts by LixBMX

The Tioga Power Disc taking a spin on the sisal wheel with some Josco grey polish…

Polishing Tioga Power Disc LixBMX

Switched to the loose leaf calico wheel for a fine finishing polish with Josco white polish..

Polishing wheel for BMX parts LixBMX

All done. Polished V-Brake, Odyssey Monolever lever and SE Racing Stem…

2007 PK Ripper Polished Parts by LixBMX

Polished Odyssey Monolever, reassembled…

Polished Odyssey Monolever for PK Ripper Custom Build LixBMX

Polished Tioga Power Disc..

Polished Tioga Power Disc for PK Custom Build LixBMX

Frame forks and bars back from Roberto’s Custom Powder. Beautiful rich glossy colour and incredible attention to detail…

2007 PK Ripper Team Custom Orange Build by LixBMX

Fitting the new head tube badge…

2007 PK Ripper Team Custom Orange Build by LixBMX

Not a bad looking jigsaw puzzle…

2007 PK Ripper Team Custom Orange Build by LixBMX


And now, after a bit of thought, a whole lot of love and equal amounts of parts polishing…




2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7356

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7348

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7346


2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7339

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7386

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7380

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7379

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7364

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7354

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7353

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7378

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7377

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7355


Finding Nemo…

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7390

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7391

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7393

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7394

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7430

2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7401


2007 PK_Ripper_2014-7416



Luke Stringer for letting me have this frame, forks, cranks and stem for an absolute steal back in 2012.

Brett Downs for the gift of a shiny new head-tube badge, relic from his past life with SE Bikes. AND for being a total Jedi, reading my mind and sending it before I’d planned the re-build!

Roberto for yet another outstanding powder coat finish and for the epic skill and patience required to get such beautiful even coverage in and out of that ridiculous aluminium waffle on the stays! Dude, the colour is PERFECT.

James Moody at The Pedal Shoppe for his mad parts acquisition skills – especially for sourcing that extra long, extra wide, extra shiny pivotal Crupi post. Always above and beyond, Mr. Abbott, ALWAYS ABOVE AND BEYOND!

Dave Livo for donating the Torker knee-savers for the cause. Legend!

Mik Lavender at Crossley Cycles for removing the crazy ISIS Drive Bottom Bracket Cartridge for me (I have a tool for it now!).