This iconic little coaster brake to free-coaster guide from BMX Plus!, January 1982, can be hard to find around the interwebs these days. As someone who’s used it and knows how helpful it is (and fun) I thought it was worth archiving here in the hope that it’ll help others too.

Once you’ve made this conversion you’ll have turned your stock standard coaster brake into a free-coaster hub with the ability to roll backward without the pedals engaging/revolving like a contemporary freewheel. The freedom to roll back and keep your pedals where you need them to be makes your newly converted hub great for flatland tricks.

NB. for anyone wanting to convert the KT HiStop coaster mechanism in the modern Skyway Tuff Wheels, its configuration is extremely similar to the Shimano D-Type mechanism, the easiest of the 3 in the guide below – only washer(s) required (for my KT HiStop mod I used a heavy duty washer and drilled out the hole to fit perfectly).

Have fun!